Installing APM Planner on Arch Linux

APM Planner is available for Ubuntu as a .deb file and can be downloaded here.

However, if you are using another linux distro like Arch Linux, you will have to build from source. The following steps will help you to achieve the same –

  • Install the dependencies –

sudo pacman -S git qt5-base qt5-serialport qt5-script qt5-webkit qt5-svg libsndfile sdl sdl2

tar xvjf flite-2.0.0-release.tar.bz2
cd flite-2.0.0-release/
sudo make install

  • Now, to build APM Planner from source –

git clone
cd apm_planner/
sudo make install

You can now run APM Planner by typing apm_planner in a terminal.


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